Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Luggage tag pattern & tutorial

Download Pattern here.
1. Fabric (1/8 yard will work or scraps of fabric five pieces measuring 7" x 4") see pattern
2. Heavy stabilizer- I used Pellon (Peltex two sided fusible white; ultrafirm stabilizer)
3. Coordinating thread
4. Good pair of scissors
5. Ribbon - 14" long. 5/8" width
6. Safety pins to hold stuff in place- but not necessary
7. Disappearing ink, or tailors chalk to mark the fabric
8. Clear vinyl- one piece 4" x 3"
9. Iron
10. Fabric glue
11. pdf pattern

 Trace the pattern pieces onto the heavy interfacing. I actually only trace the "back" piece and then cut both the front and back at the same time (that way I know they are cut exactly the same).
Trace the window for the front piece and cut it out. The pictures show a less detailed tag just for ease of taking pictures and showing the steps- the pattern is a little bit more decorative.

Iron your "outer fabric" onto the back piece. Place the liner piece under the back piece. (to prepare the liner piece I cut a small hole in the middle- you'll need this hole). Make sure the right side of the liner fabric is facing the right side of the back fabric. Use the interfacing to guide your needle as you stitch closely along the outside of the interfacing.

Cut the seams back to about an 1/8" and then notch at the "v" points in the curves. Trace the "window" onto the liner piece. Here is where you will use that hole- stick the tip of your scissors into the hole and cut out the "window" you just traced.

 Turn the liner right side out - make sure fabric is fully turned right side out at the edges. Iron. Cut a piece of the liner fabric into the shape of the tag (use the pattern piece found on page 3~ its slightly smaller than the tag itself). Use fabric glue at the edges of the liner piece and press it onto the "window" on the back piece covering the exposed interfacing.

Iron your "outer fabric" onto the front piece. Place the front liner piece under the front outer piece. Make sure the right side of the liner fabric is facing the right side of the outer front fabric. Use the interfacing to guide your needle as you stitch closely along the outside of the interfacing. Fold front of tag over a little and cut a notch into both fabrics. Cut out a window 1/2" smaller than the interfacing window.

Cut diagonal slits from corner to  corner. Do not cut past the interfacing window. Cut away the liner fabric so its in line with the interfacing window. Apply fabric glue to the back of the front fabric. Fold the pieces back towards the inside liner covering the inside edges of the interfacing.  Next place the vinyl over the window ontop of the glue downed edges. Stitch the vinyl in place about an 1/8" from edge. Cut the vinyl back so its not sticking out.

 Use the pattern to help you mark the location of the buttonhole ( I always mark the liner side on the front piece). Also mark the location of the ribbon attachment onto the liner side (back piece). Create a buttonhole on the front piece and a securely stitch and backstitch the ribbon onto the back piece.

Stack and line up the front piece and the back piece. Stitch the edges of the two together at an 1/8". Make sure you leave the top (where the buttonhole and ribbon are) open. You will need this area to slide your
address card in. Make sure you stop right at the edge of the window or else you won't have enough room. Also back-stitch at these points so it doesn't unravel on you. Slide your card in and then slide the ribbon through the button hole.

You're done!!


  1. I love this i.d. tag pattern, but when I try to download the pdf template the screen jumps to Craftsy and I am unable to download it there as well. I would love to make this, can this be fixed? deanie dot dreams at gmail dot com

    1. Tried to email you the pattern - but I guess that's not your email address because it didn't go through. LOL. Email me and I'll send you the pattern directly. soubelles@hotmail.com

  2. I love this tutorial and is gonna help me so much can I use same procedure to put a mirror in the middle instead of tag....Thank you and if you have any suggestions on how to place a mirror in fabric please I so need advice ,I m looking for a tutorial all over but could't find it so far ...Your tutorial is the close possible I could find to solve my problem ....Thank you one more time and have a wonderful day .Love your blog in general!!!!Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Hi! I plan to use this pattern for the save-the-dates for my wedding. I am having trouble finding the Pellon (Peltex) stabilizer locally. I did find it online, sold by the bolt, at Joanne's. I really want to be sure I order the correct material, since it's expensive. I think I found the correct product, sold by the yard, on eBay. Please help so I can get started!
    Thanks for the pattern!

  4. Hi! Love it! Could you send the template to me as well? Thank you so much! Hugs from Brazil

  5. Hi, I'm Japanese craft lover & run a Japanese blog to introduce craft tips and ideas ( http://hanamaruhandmade.blog.fc2.com/ ).

    I saw your blog, your works are so adorable!
    I introduced your luggage tag (http://hanamaruhandmade.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-57.html), some people wanna know the tutorial in detail.
    If you don’t mind, can I translate your tutorial in Japanese & post it again?!
    Of course, definitely, I link back to your original post and give credit back to you.

    Hope to your favorable reply!

  6. I would love a copy too!
    Thanks...these remind me of lemons!
    Nice work!

  7. I'd love to get the pattern also.

  8. I love this! Also had to same problem as the other ladies. Could you please email the pattern to me?



  9. Can you email me the pattern also. I can't get it to download:


  10. can i get a copy of the pattern also please?

  11. I'm confused by "Peltex two sided fusible". Is it fusible on both sides? Are you fusing the liner to this as well?

    1. Maybe I can help. I used a very stiff fusible on both sides. And I did fuse the liner as well as the outside fabric.

  12. Is there a pattern available that has everything in one place, so I don't have to have the computer running in order to make this? (A regular tutorial, with pattern, directions, drawings / pictures.)

  13. I'm a little confuse. I want to make this but when you mean the liner, is that the fabric?

  14. Can you please email a copy of the pdf at bsands at rogers dot com? Thank you

  15. Can you please email a copy of the pdf to me at yourmasterkeys@gmail.com. Thanks!

  16. Could you also please email me a copy of this pattern for the tag to flashter2u@verizon.net... I love this idea! How great to personalize your luggage so you know when it comes down the carousel that it's yours right off! Great for gifts, too... I think when I make mine I'm going to add a 'privacy flap' over the window that closes with Velcro so nobody can easily see my info when traveling... These will make great little enclosures for my friends with birthday cards etc... Thanks very much, Trina M.

  17. Hi - I got the pattern with no problem on the Craftsy website. It was easy. Just clicked and put it in my cart. Then found it in my pattern library, opened it and printed it. Thanks !!!

  18. Hi, I am going to try making this but you think you can make a video of the tutorial? I think it will be easier for all of us to understand... thank you so much!!

  19. Hi! So love it! Could you send the template to me as well? Thank you so much!

  20. Hi, I show a luggage-tag fromm your tutorial in my blog and made a backlink to your site. I have translatet the tutorial in German. I hope you doesn't matter.
    I love this luggage-tags! Thank you for the pattern and tutorial!!


  21. I Love it!

    Could you please send me the pattern also? :)

    My email: mzmizartes@gmail.com



  22. I don't know about everyone else, but I found these instructions impossible to follow. :(

  23. Me too Lauren.. I tried to follow the directions today but got confused with the terms.. I was not sure what the lining piece was vs the other pieces as the pattern terms were different.. :(

  24. Please send the pattern for the bag tag to cjmarbury@gmail.com

  25. I'm confused. Is the lining piece the interfacing? Do you cut two pieces of fabric (the "outside pieces")? or does the lining mean two more pieces for a total of 4 pieces of fabric? This is so confusing.

  26. These are so cute! In the past I've left luggage at the airport and had to return to reclaim it, but with tags like these I'd never forget my luggage ever again :)