Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quick Applique tutorial

Here is a quick overview for making and sewing on appliques:

Supplies you'll need:

1. Double sided fusible interfacing (I like to use heat n bond ultra hold).
2. Shirt, bag, dress anything that needs an applique
3. Printer & paper
4. Coordinating thread
5. Applique template
5. Ball point needles (if you are sewing onto a knit shirt)

Now you're ready to make your applique!

Step 1
 Print the applique directly onto the interfacing (non shiny side) or print it on regular paper and trace it onto the non shiny side of the interfacing.Do not cut the interfacing out yet!
Step 2
 Iron the interfacing (shiny side onto the back of the fabric you want to use).
Step 3
 Cut the applique out now. Peel the non shiny paper backing off.
Step 4
Position onto shirt, dress, bag, etc. 
Step 5
Iron in place.
Step 6
Sew edges of applique. See picture below for the most common ways to machine stitch down
an applique.(The zig zag stitch is usually tighter - I made it wide in this example just so you can see the shape of the stitch)
Step 7
You're Done!

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