Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY Milestone stickers with custom PDF templates

They make the cutest milestone stickers on Etsy - everything from infant milestones to year milestones to pregnancy belly milestones! There are so many creative people out there with the cutest stickers!

I really wanted to give these stickers to my friend , but just didn't have the time to order them and wait for them to arrive. So I decided to make some simple ones that I could customize and print at home.

So here is what you need to make these adorable milestones:

~3 sheets for 12 months
  Sticker paper ( I used full sheet label paper that I found at Staples)
~You could also use t-shirt transfer (iron on) paper. They sell it in all the craft stores, in the computer printables section. I actually ended up using that instead- its more permanent.
~Download the template right here
~Open the Pdf you want to choose
~Hover your mouse over the blue highlighted boxes that appear on the circles
~Type the milestone number at the big box that appears at the top of the circle
~ Type "month, months, year or years" on the smaller rectangle on the bottom of each circle
~Repeat at each circle
~ print onto whatever paper you decide to use.
~Cut it out and either pre-stick them on or put them in a cute gift box for the mommy to stick them on when she's ready!


  1. I downloaded this pattern and when I entered the number it floats to the top where half of the number is out of the circle. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Oh NO!!!!! I just tested it out and printed it and it was fine on my end. :( What version of Adobe PDF reader are you using? I'm using 9.0. If you're using an older version you may want to do the free update. Email me directly at soubelles@hotmail.com and we'll figure it out. I'll email you the pdf directly. --Jess

  3. do you have milestone stickers I could give at a babyshower were they are not announcing the sex of the baby, it will be a suprise?
    with greens and yellows for the colors?

  4. Going to try to print these on transfer paper...but will need to print "flip image". Is there a way to do this within the file? I tried and didn't have any luck. Hoping I am just missing something! :)

  5. I just printed these out onto sticker paper for my sister's baby shower! They are adorable. Thank you so much for sharing this.


  6. I make **CUSTOM** stickers so please contact me for any requests. Any pattern you want. Any color you want!!!
    Vist my etsy page: